Violence in Venezuela

“Money doesn’t have principle. You’re merchandise.” This is exactly what German Garcia Velutini felt like when he was abducted. Kidnapping is a normal event in Venezuela as the title of the NPR¬†article would suggest, “business.” However, the people of Venezuela make their money they are still considered the most unsafe country to live in. According to 247Wallst,¬†74% of people in the country feel unsafe at night.

The one important piece of information that would provoke this type of crime and violence, is that the police are not innocent. Police have been found to partake in kidnappings to make quick money. According toThe Huffington Post, “one of the most meaningful measure of how safe people feel is the way law enforcement official are perceived.”

Most of those kidnapped are take and held for ransom and are not released until their demands are met. Many wait for a large pay out, while other settle for smaller commodities like a pre-owned car.