The Twitter Bird Set Free!

As Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites used globally the Initial Public Offering went live late Wednesday, November 6th 2013. Twitter has been deemed a social media revolution, introducing the world to micro blogging and giving users a place to publicly voice an opinion. Twitter was even used in Egypt to remove a president.

CNN Money, stated the initial perspective IPO was set between $17-20. Which was quickly replaced with the $23-25 margin. Twitter Investors remain optimistic about the companies public offering and predict a $1.8 billion increase in revenue from selling roughly 70 shares.

Despite the overt optimism for the company, many still remain pessimistic. USA Today  recalls last year when Facebook took its company public and saw abysmal results. While the overall outcome of Twitter remains uncertain, USA Today has little hope for the Twitter public offerings.

The Huffington Post remained the most optimistic of all the news outlets showing a 73% gain over the course of one day. Setting the first day of trading at $44.90. Twitter will undoubtedly make a profit during this public offering, however only time will tell how much the company will earn over this time.






Propaganda in Sochi, Russia

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have fallen under criticism when Russian Government declared an Anti-Gay Propaganda Law, as stated on CNN. The law bans, “‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations around minors.'” Bars around the United States have taken a stand to stop serving Russian vodka.

Critics are concerned with the treatment of homosexual olympians and how the law will effect participants and their viewers. According to the BBC, the games will not be effected by the Anti-Gay Propaganda Law. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Kozak has assured the world that Sochi Russia stands by the Olympic Charter. The charter states that removing an athlete or not allowing them to compete on the basis of discrimination is unfair and against the “Olympic movement.”

RT, agrees with the BBC statement above, stating that the proper steps have been made to insure that the Olympics will continue as normal, however the Anti-Gay Law still stands. President Vladimir Putin, even signed a decree banning protest of homosexual couples or discriminatory rallies.

Despite the arguments made against Sochi, Russia they will adhere to the Olympic code of ethics and will not press charges against olympic athletes competing. However, the discussion is still heated. While the United States is in the mist of changing laws regarding homosexual couples, other countries still struggle with this new idea. Russian cinematographers have produced documentaries talking down about homosexual couples and the likelihood for them to live shorter lives then those of “normal” citizens (as stated in The Huffington Post).

Thus, proving that while the Olympic committee will continue to insure the equality of athletes during this Winter Olympics, they cannot insure the equality of homosexuals in Russia and their unfair treatment for years to come.

Violence in Venezuela

“Money doesn’t have principle. You’re merchandise.” This is exactly what German Garcia Velutini felt like when he was abducted. Kidnapping is a normal event in Venezuela as the title of the NPR article would suggest, “business.” However, the people of Venezuela make their money they are still considered the most unsafe country to live in. According to 247Wallst, 74% of people in the country feel unsafe at night.

The one important piece of information that would provoke this type of crime and violence, is that the police are not innocent. Police have been found to partake in kidnappings to make quick money. According toThe Huffington Post, “one of the most meaningful measure of how safe people feel is the way law enforcement official are perceived.”

Most of those kidnapped are take and held for ransom and are not released until their demands are met. Many wait for a large pay out, while other settle for smaller commodities like a pre-owned car.


Global Religion


Pew Research study shows distribution of religion globally.

Pew Research study shows distribution of religion globally.

The Huffington Post  sites Pew Research in a recent article explaining the global breakdown religion and which of those are the most popular. The Huffington Post breaks down Pews fairly large article into bullets and charts and explains that Christians are the most popular religion with 31.5% of the population, Muslims are next with 23.2% and lastly 16.3% of the population are those who are unaffiliated, but still religious. Those who are unaffiliated, “believe in God or a higher power, though they do not identify with a particular faith.”

While religion is dispensed around the world few countries hold a concentration of religion rarely seen elsewhere.  For Example Hindus living in India, Mauritius and Nepal make up 97% of the global Hindu population

The United States department of State releases an annual International Religious Freedom report, stating that while religious freedom is something guaranteed in the United States, it is not always the same elsewhere. The International Religious Freedom Act, gave power to ambassadors in the executive branch to be a liaison with countries who have interest in religious freedom. Countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam are likely to undertake religious freedoms somewhere down the road because of their current strict religious affiliations.

Urban Globalization and Declining Biodiversity

Our world is becoming a more increasingly urbanized planet. With the United States and Europe at the for front even more disadvantaged countries are steadily becoming more urbanized. With this increase in population and infurstructure local biodiversity is declining. Biodiversity is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as, “the existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment.” 

Amongst European countries and the United States, countries are far more dependent on mass production of consumable goods. The Huffington Post touches on a few of the issues that arise in more largely developed areas. Including, the breading of animals for consumption. This method has shown favoritism to certain breads that yield more product (i.e. milk, more meat less fat, etc). Even plants are effected. Of the 30,000 plants that are edible only 30 crops make up a majority of what the globe consumes. 

The Convention on Biological Diversity developed a list that would help all countries (especially those more developed then others) to improve their ability to protect the biological diversity in their area. One example is to designate a area for the natural wildlife to develop freely, like a state or national park. While these already exist, the creation of more would only insure that the natural wide life is more protected then ever before. 

Social Media and its Social Influences

In the middle of 2012 Kenya received a major backing from Safaricom to expand it’s growing fibre-optic cable expansion(according to One year later Egypt utilizes social media to remove former president Mohamed Morsi.

All of the above is leading to the social change of an entire continent! Africa has always been the country spoken for an now through the expansion of differing media in the continent they are now able to speak for themselves ( 

According to the Huffington Post, July 3rd 2013, President Mohamed Morsi was removed from office by military force. This was a triumphant time as it marked a change in leadership as well as a change in communications. Egyptians used Social Media to raise awareness, in a not to silent protest of Morsi.

As stated on, “So the world is slowly being unified in one small way through these social platforms. No matter our religion, economic status, political beliefs, or the color of our skin, the Net Generation loves to share favorite apps, complain when Twitter is down, and debate the latest Facebook innovation.”   

We have the ability to alter our lives.  We are a mere key stroke away from amplifying our own happiness. Regardless of political unrest or unhappy thoughts. Africa has proven that despite the limited resources one might have, there is always the ability to prosper, because even a moth can take flight. 

Social Medias role is Syrian Conflict




The on going civil dispute in Syria is possible to be a result of social media influence.  The Los Angeles Times reported that, “The world learned of the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attacks in Syria from cellphone videos on YouTube, and coordinated use of social media…”  it is clear that although the revolution would have happened without social media. Social media is the catalyst. In a chart from we see a clear gauging of social media interactions amongst the Syrian conflict as well as the Egyptian and Iranian conflict. The Syrian conflict has been down played by media conglomerates, thus Twitter does not relay the information. However, as previously stated, it is clear that video images are the more active propionate in the Syrian conflict. Different news outlets have chosen to focus their attention on the importance of social media or neglect it all together. In Ireport.cnn they touch on the idea that social media is the reason they are still well informed about the information happening on the ground. While other stories from the same site ( were reporting that the only significance to the conflict and social media is that social media was the whistle blower and it’s impact ended there. 


While I understand that in regards to breaking news stories social media may not be at the fore front of everyone mind, I also feel that it should be more acknowledged then it is now. 


Robert Galbraith, or is it?

Late July the well-known best-selling author J.K. Rowling was confirmed as the writer of the mystery novel, “The Cuckoo’s Calling” which was written under the pen name Robert Galbraith.  J.K. Rowling is quoted in Parade as writing under the pen name to gather an unbiased feedback. Although The New York Times, has something different to say about the world-renowned authors new book.

The New York Times article author James B. Stewart questions the book’s new found fame stating, “if the books is as good as critics are now saying it is, why didn’t it sell more copies before, especially since the rise of online publishing has supposedly made it easier than ever for first-time authors?” Stewart, a writer himself, obviously values the power of the written word and the authority one carries when you have reached as much fame as Rowling’s has. He presents a very good question, which is: If one publishing house denied the book, and it only sold 1,500 copies prior to now, why would anyone want to read it?

The BBC quotes many Twitter statuses as the unveiling of the pen name sent books sales skyrocketing.  The BBC quotes comedian Michael Moran stating, “’1: Reveal that ALL books were written by JK Rowling. 2: Sales of all book soar by 150,000%. 3: Industry saved.’”

Each media outlet viewed the same shock as the rest of the world, but, took very different views. The BBC found the humor in everyone’s fascination with the author. While The New York Times questioned consumers draw to the book. While the reviews are mixed, everyone is still begging Rowling’s to continue writing. Author’s like Rowling’s have the ability to capture the attention of millions and re-interest them in reading. If her books do not contain the best story line, at least she has encouraged more people to read. It’s a win-win. 

Aaron Hernandez a felon or a football player?

Aaron Hernandez is a well known football player and former University of Florida alumni. Although, earlier this year he become more recognized for his criminal activity as opposed to his athletic ability. Earlier this week Aaron Hernandez was on trial for 6 charges, including first degree murder, to which he plead “not guilty” on all accounts. Several media outlets have subtle differences when reporting about Hernandez.

CNN cast light on Hernandez by showing him as caring. They quoted him mouthing, “I love you” to his family as he sat in court. CNN also address that Hernandez has a possibility of getting away with everything and his lawyers career would benefit from all the publicity.

The Huffington Post even compared his indictment to “kickoff” and noting the fans who waited outside the court for him wearing “team Aaron” t-shirts. This murder trail is the equivalent to a game for readers of Erika Niedowski’s article in the Huffington Post.

Most surprising of all the coverage is from the BBC who laid out all of the facts, in a concise and well written manner. Later in the article he was referred to as Mr. Hernandez. Although subtle, this was an homage to Hernandez as a human being and not as an idol and defiantly not as a football player.  The BBC chose to be very unbiased, leaving the readers of the BBC to define their own opinion about Aaron Hernandez and if he is really guilty.

Overall the coverage of Hernandez is vastly different, but only subtleties shed light on the altering viewpoints of reporters and their respective media outlets