The Twitter Bird Set Free!

As Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites used globally the Initial Public Offering went live late Wednesday, November 6th 2013. Twitter has been deemed a social media revolution, introducing the world to micro blogging and giving users a place to publicly voice an opinion. Twitter was even used in Egypt to remove a president.

CNN Money, stated the initial perspective IPO was set between $17-20. Which was quickly replaced with the $23-25 margin. Twitter Investors remain optimistic about the companies public offering and predict a $1.8 billion increase in revenue from selling roughly 70 shares.

Despite the overt optimism for the company, many still remain pessimistic. USA Today  recalls last year when Facebook took its company public and saw abysmal results. While the overall outcome of Twitter remains uncertain, USA Today has little hope for the Twitter public offerings.

The Huffington Post remained the most optimistic of all the news outlets showing a 73% gain over the course of one day. Setting the first day of trading at $44.90. Twitter will undoubtedly make a profit during this public offering, however only time will tell how much the company will earn over this time.






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