Global Religion


Pew Research study shows distribution of religion globally.

Pew Research study shows distribution of religion globally.

The Huffington Post  sites Pew Research in a recent article explaining the global breakdown religion and which of those are the most popular. The Huffington Post breaks down Pews fairly large article into bullets and charts and explains that Christians are the most popular religion with 31.5% of the population, Muslims are next with 23.2% and lastly 16.3% of the population are those who are unaffiliated, but still religious. Those who are unaffiliated, “believe in God or a higher power, though they do not identify with a particular faith.”

While religion is dispensed around the world few countries hold a concentration of religion rarely seen elsewhere.  For Example Hindus living in India, Mauritius and Nepal make up 97% of the global Hindu population

The United States department of State releases an annual International Religious Freedom report, stating that while religious freedom is something guaranteed in the United States, it is not always the same elsewhere. The International Religious Freedom Act, gave power to ambassadors in the executive branch to be a liaison with countries who have interest in religious freedom. Countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam are likely to undertake religious freedoms somewhere down the road because of their current strict religious affiliations.


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