Urban Globalization and Declining Biodiversity

Our world is becoming a more increasingly urbanized planet. With the United States and Europe at the for front even more disadvantaged countries are steadily becoming more urbanized. With this increase in population and infurstructure local biodiversity is declining. Biodiversity is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as, “the existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment.” 

Amongst European countries and the United States, countries are far more dependent on mass production of consumable goods. The Huffington Post touches on a few of the issues that arise in more largely developed areas. Including, the breading of animals for consumption. This method has shown favoritism to certain breads that yield more product (i.e. milk, more meat less fat, etc). Even plants are effected. Of the 30,000 plants that are edible only 30 crops make up a majority of what the globe consumes. 

The Convention on Biological Diversity developed a list that would help all countries (especially those more developed then others) to improve their ability to protect the biological diversity in their area. One example is to designate a area for the natural wildlife to develop freely, like a state or national park. While these already exist, the creation of more would only insure that the natural wide life is more protected then ever before. 


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