Social Media and its Social Influences

In the middle of 2012 Kenya received a major backing from Safaricom to expand it’s growing fibre-optic cable expansion(according to One year later Egypt utilizes social media to remove former president Mohamed Morsi.

All of the above is leading to the social change of an entire continent! Africa has always been the country spoken for an now through the expansion of differing media in the continent they are now able to speak for themselves ( 

According to the Huffington Post, July 3rd 2013, President Mohamed Morsi was removed from office by military force. This was a triumphant time as it marked a change in leadership as well as a change in communications. Egyptians used Social Media to raise awareness, in a not to silent protest of Morsi.

As stated on, “So the world is slowly being unified in one small way through these social platforms. No matter our religion, economic status, political beliefs, or the color of our skin, the Net Generation loves to share favorite apps, complain when Twitter is down, and debate the latest Facebook innovation.”   

We have the ability to alter our lives.  We are a mere key stroke away from amplifying our own happiness. Regardless of political unrest or unhappy thoughts. Africa has proven that despite the limited resources one might have, there is always the ability to prosper, because even a moth can take flight. 


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