Social Medias role is Syrian Conflict




The on going civil dispute in Syria is possible to be a result of social media influence.  The Los Angeles Times reported that, “The world learned of the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attacks in Syria from cellphone videos on YouTube, and coordinated use of social media…”  it is clear that although the revolution would have happened without social media. Social media is the catalyst. In a chart from we see a clear gauging of social media interactions amongst the Syrian conflict as well as the Egyptian and Iranian conflict. The Syrian conflict has been down played by media conglomerates, thus Twitter does not relay the information. However, as previously stated, it is clear that video images are the more active propionate in the Syrian conflict. Different news outlets have chosen to focus their attention on the importance of social media or neglect it all together. In Ireport.cnn they touch on the idea that social media is the reason they are still well informed about the information happening on the ground. While other stories from the same site ( were reporting that the only significance to the conflict and social media is that social media was the whistle blower and it’s impact ended there. 


While I understand that in regards to breaking news stories social media may not be at the fore front of everyone mind, I also feel that it should be more acknowledged then it is now. 



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