Aaron Hernandez a felon or a football player?

Aaron Hernandez is a well known football player and former University of Florida alumni. Although, earlier this year he become more recognized for his criminal activity as opposed to his athletic ability. Earlier this week Aaron Hernandez was on trial for 6 charges, including first degree murder, to which he plead “not guilty” on all accounts. Several media outlets have subtle differences when reporting about Hernandez.

CNN cast light on Hernandez by showing him as caring. They quoted him mouthing, “I love you” to his family as he sat in court. CNN also address that Hernandez has a possibility of getting away with everything and his lawyers career would benefit from all the publicity.

The Huffington Post even compared his indictment to “kickoff” and noting the fans who waited outside the court for him wearing “team Aaron” t-shirts. This murder trail is the equivalent to a game for readers of Erika Niedowski’s article in the Huffington Post.

Most surprising of all the coverage is from the BBC who laid out all of the facts, in a concise and well written manner. Later in the article he was referred to as Mr. Hernandez. Although subtle, this was an homage to Hernandez as a human being and not as an idol and defiantly not as a football player.  The BBC chose to be very unbiased, leaving the readers of the BBC to define their own opinion about Aaron Hernandez and if he is really guilty.

Overall the coverage of Hernandez is vastly different, but only subtleties shed light on the altering viewpoints of reporters and their respective media outlets


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